Monthly Archives: December 2011

Introducing… Ewe and Milo…!!!

Here are our two sheep. We rescued Milo from Shepherds Pie! He was in with a feisty ram, then when the ram went to ‘tup’ the ladies, Milo was all on his own. As we have come to realise sheep hate being on their own. These two make a good couple and are never far apart.
In the picture you can see William, one of the people who comes to the farm. Now that the grass is getting low they enjoy a good munch of hay. Will is a bit of a sheep whisperer and has sheep following him wherever he goes.

Introducing… the chickens…!!!

At Origin we have 49 hens and of course Jaroo the rooster! We have a lovely mix of organic hens, my favourites are the white leghorns, they are slightly smaller than the others but lay gorgeous white eggs with a really hard shell. All in all we get around 40 eggs a day from our hens, so plenty of omelette eating.
Our hens have an automatic door opener/closer that works with the sun light. As soon as the sun comes up the little door opens and the hens catch the early worms! At dusk the hens all queue to get into their hut to roost for the night, Jaroo waits for all the ladies to go in then he does one last check, a circuit around the hut and then goes in last. What a gentleman! We are hoping to get an incubator so that we can breed our lovely hens, we have lots of people who want chicks.

Introducing… Pepper and Olive…!!!

Olive and Pepper are two little micro pigs. They are not the pedigree extra small ones but they are smaller than most pigs.
They are very friendly and most of the time roam around with the hens. They make a good team as the pigs root up the ground and the chickens find the worms!
They have a one track mind and its all about food!!!! They have an automatic feeder that dispenses food at 8am and 4pm. They start waiting at their feeder about 15 mins before it dispenses. Very clever.

Introducing… Mya…!!!

 This is Mya, She is Ebony’s pup, she was first out of three to be born and we had to keep her warm when she was first born as Ebony had trouble delivering the second pup and needed some help.
Mya is full of beans and nick named speedy! Her favourite possession is her pink ball. As long as you keep throwing it for her you will be her best friend. She has an extraordinary nose that can sniff out anything! If you hide her ball somewhere she will find it super fast.
She is not quite as brave as Ebony as she has always had her mum by her side but she is definitely getting there. She has been pecked by the chickens a few times but she is leaning to keep an eye out for that now.

Introducing…. Ebony…!!!

Ebony having a snooze

This is Ebony, she is a toy poodle, now 3 and a half. She is very clever and loves nothing more than a cuddle. When she is on your lap she is in her absolute element. She loves to play with the pigs and spends hours taking it in turns to chase each other around. Ebony is much faster and nippier so she has fun teasing the pigs.
Ebony also loves the rabbits, she as adopted them as pups and will make sure thay are clean and safe at all times! They are often found cuddled up together.
When she was two she had pups and now her best friend (most of the time) is her pup Mya.