Monthly Archives: January 2012

Broody hen

For the past week we have been watching one of our Black Rock hens. She has only been leaving her nest to have something to eat and drink then she quickly returns. We have been taking eggs from underneath her until today. We decided that she is ready to be a mother hen. We replaced some of the eggs under her for white Leghorn eggs so that we get a real mix of chicks. She accepted the new eggs and tucked them under her wings. Every now and then she turns them carefully so that the embryo doesn’t stick to the shell. Not all the eggs will have been fertilised but we’ll see in 21 days if we have any chicks! Keep you posted!

Friday 13th January 2012

It’s a stunning morning at the farm. Everything crisp and white, the sky blue. Looking forward to a morning walk followed by making some jam. Lots of eggs to collect and pack so that we can restock or honesty box shop. The pigs need their fresh fruit and veg and the chickens can look forward to their hot mash (not the potato type).