Monthly Archives: June 2012

Introducing Clive

Clive has been coming to Origin for three weeks now and we are very pleased to have him. He is very positive guy and always keen to get involved in everything. He is pretty fearless but he makes me quite nervous when he wizzes around in his wheelchair so fast! In the picture is Clive collecting hazel for our goats, his chair came in useful for carrying it back to the smallholding.

Pygmy goats

The latest members of the Origin family are three little Pygmy goats. They are gorgeous and so much fun to watch. We have been doing lots of research into what they can eat and have been going on goat walks to find hazel, alder and hawthorn (but NOT the berries). We need to venture out a bit and find some oak leaves and some willow as we hear they love those too. They love the house that Jarred and Jess built and have lots of fun claiming up the ladder and onto the roof! I’m sure we will have lots of stories to follow!