Monthly Archives: September 2012

End of the day

Every day we let all the animals out to roam around together. Whilst the pigs love the company of the sheep, following them where ever they go, the goats enjoy finding new patches of hedgerow to nibble and the chickens make dust baths in the parking area! Even the rabbits run wild!
At the end of the day the members shake a bucket of food and the animals all follow. Then they go back to their cosy homes for the night, worn out from the excitement of the day!

William’s birthday BBQ

Last Friday we had a lovely BBQ lunch to celebrate Will’s birthday. We had so much fun. In spite of the BBQ looking a bit on the smokey side, the members cooked the meat beautifully and there were no hollow sausages! Will’s father came along for lunch too. He is very proud of William as he has just moved away from home into his first house. He coped with the move so well and is loving living independently with his new house mates!