Our Animals

Our Donkeys Black-Jack and Chester always give us a warm welcome when they hear the gate open! Their bray can be heard for miles! We enjoy walking them around the beautiful farm that we are based on and the vineyard just above us.

Here are our goats, Buster, Flick and Flo. They are VERY good at jumping over the fence and always on the look out for some juicy leaves to munch. We like to feed them hawthorn, hazel and ivy as well as bit and bobs from our kitchen garden.

One of our co-farmers feeding the chickens…. it’s actually an old picture but one that we love. We currently have a mixture of bantams and some interesting beads who lay a lovely array of blue, white, green and brown eggs, yum!

We also have a ewe and two rams, Ewey, Milo and Rabbit Face.