The Dogs                                                                          They think they’re special, cos they get to go home with the humans every night. Ebony and Mya are part of the furniture and always excited to see everyone! Oh and if you throw the ball for them, they’ll be your best friend. Very cute, very fluffy, very hairy and very sweet!


The Chickens                                                                     We have introduced 20 more teenagers to our brood of middle aged ladies.  So we now have 69 hens, and, of course, Jaroo the Rooster.  Jaroo always has a fan club of eligible ladies around him at all times.  We also breed our chickens, so we’ll go till we get to 100 chickens, then we’ll sell the rest. You can never have enough!


The Pigs                                                                            Olive and Pepper, or Olivia and Pepperoni…oh we love our two little obese girls, so cuddly. We don’t feed them that much, they just are nice and fat and cuddly. They do, however eat loads of grass, so they’re very healthy believe it or not!


The Sheep                                                                          We have Milo, the boy, and Marina, the lady.  They are both very relaxed, and often come up and sniff you or hang around until you say hello to them and give them a hug. They’re really small underneath their big jerseys!



The Goats                                                                           Our trio of hoofed friends spend the day running around and up and down and all over the place, breaking everything in the process.  Then they come back for another Red Bull and then off again! We don’t have favourites, but if we did, they would be thereabouts. 2 sisters, Flo and Flick, and their cousin Buster. They’re learning English too.


The Rabbits                                                                     There was 1, then there were 2, then there were 7, they lived in a rabbit house, now they run around free like rabbits should!  You’ll see them running around the log cabin and around the smallholding.  If you can catch them, they’re good for a hug.